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Gas Conditoning and Metering Skids, Ammonia Vaporization & Handling Skids, SNG Blenders

Side Entry Tank Mixers

Brink Mist Eliminators, Dynawave Scrubbers

Dampers, Expansion Joints

Chicago Tube & Iron

Boiler Tubes, Pressure Parts
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Emissions Control Systems, SCR, Sound Abatement

Self-Cleaning Strainers, Duplex & Simplex Strainers, Filters
Vacuum Systems, Condensers, Heat Exchangers
Water Treatment, Deaerators,
Demineralizers, Ion Exchange,
Condensate Polishing,
Reverse Osmosis, Oil & Water Seperation

Pipe, Tank, & Vessel Fabrication

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Ershigs, Belco, Fabricated Plastics
FRP Tanks, Vessels, Piping
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Portable Power Units, Cable

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