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  Founded in 1960 by Malcolm C. Patten, M. C. Patten & Co., Inc. is a Manufacturer's Agency specializing in engineered process equipment and machinery for the power, oil & gas, petrochemical and heavy manufacturing industries.  After nearly 20 years as a procurement manager for the legendary EPC firm, C. F. Braun of  Alhambra, California, Mal Patten started his own rep business employing the special skills and standards taught at Braun and nowhere else.   Respect for its vendors and manufacturers was part of the Braun creed, so Mal had many friends in the business who were happy to have him represent their companies selling capital equipment. 
  In 1963 M. C. Patten acquired a distributorship for process controls and instrumentation, later sold to James Patten, one of Mal's sons.  His oldest son, Ted, started a manufacturing division for engineered piping supports.  In 1975 the companies separated, and Mal's youngest son, Tom, joined him in the capital equipment part of the business.  Tom took the company over in 1979 and immediately expanded into northern California and several western states.  By 1987 the company had grown over 1000%, with 3 offices and 10 people covering 11 western states.  In 1994 Tom Patten decided to downsize the business in order to get back to what he loves the most- selling.  The northern California office was sold to Alan Christian, his faithful and productive partner of 15 years.  Today Christian Power Equipment Co. is the leading manufacturer's agency in the Bay Area, still sharing many of the same lines with M. C. Patten.
  Today the company is structured with products to serve capital projects from beginning to end.  Aftermarket sales and service also account for a large part of annual sales, including coal-fired power plants, refineries and related industries in the States of California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Hawaii.
  In 2011, Tom Patten's son, Wes, joined the firm, coming from years of experience in the oil and gas industry.  With this background, Wes added a new level of understanding aftermarkets, along with a special appreciation for the operational value of high quality products delivered on time. Now with nearly 10 years under his belt Wes has found his place in the industry yet continues to grow.
  Continuing to serve with integrity, professionalism and sense of ownership in the client's project keeps M. C. Patten & Co. differentiated from other firms in the business.  Holding to the values learned at C. F. Braun by the Founder, the company continues to maintain a unique profile among its peers.
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